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    Asifa of the film The Kerala Story is receiving death threats


    May 20, 2023

    Digital Desk, New Delhi. Sonia Balani, who came into limelight after playing the role of Asifa in ‘The Kerala Story’, is currently being threatened. Some are threatening to kill them, while some are talking about stopping their exit from the house. Sonia recently made this disclosure in front of the media.

    Actually, Sonia Balani came to her native Agra on Friday. During this he said that this is not a new thing. Such threats are received by the artists who play such characters. A program was organized in honor of Sonia Balani at Jhulelal Bhavan in Agra. Where he was joined by his father Ramesh Balani and family members.

    That’s why this character was played in the film

    She has said that she has met about seven thousand such girls, who have been forcibly converted. Presently all those girls are living in the ashram. Talking to the media, Sonia said that she herself has met the victim girls and after listening to their grief, she felt that the story of the victim girls should be told to the whole world. So she decided to play the character of Asifa in The Kerala Story and devoted her life to playing that character with utmost sincerity. Also, Sonia called the ban on the film in West Bengal wrong. He has said that the film should not be banned.

    Sonia further added that she is the exact opposite of Asifa’s character. Initially, he did not want to do negative roles. But now he is finding this work challenging. He further told that the film The Kerala Story has been very much liked by Muslim girls. Many Muslim girls approached him and praised him a lot.

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