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    25 people arrested for rioting in Hafar Al-Batin


    Sep 23, 2022

    Saudi Gazette report

    HAFAR AL-BATIN — A group of 25 people, including 19 citizens and six residents, were arrested for their involvement in rioting at a park in the Hafar Al-Batin governorate in the Eastern Province.

    An official source at the Public Prosecution revealed on Thursday that they harassed pedestrians, obstructed traffic movement, and attacked official vehicles.

    The Public Prosecution has launched an investigation into the incident and ordered to detain the accused until the date of their trial. It was found in preliminary investigations that the defendants deliberately caused chaos in the park and threw stones at official vehicles while they were carrying out their duty following the incident. The accused were detained pending their referral to the competent court.

    The source confirmed that what the accused committed is a major crime that requires arrest and punishment under articles 15, 17, and 112 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

    The source stressed that the Public Prosecution will plead to award the most stringent penalties for the defendants. He stressed the prohibition of such behaviors involving infringement on security men, their vehicles, or any of their devices, endangering the safety of the public, and everything that tends to undermine the peace and tranquility of society.

    The source called on everyone to stay away from behaviors that violate the rules of law and regulations during the celebrations of the National Day while warning that strict penal measures will be taken against the aggressors.

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