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    Visitor turnout: Riyadh Season hits 2 million mark in record time


    Nov 16, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — In a stunning achievement, the ongoing Riyadh Season 2023 has welcomed a staggering 2 million visitors within mere two weeks since its commencement under the banner “Big Time.”

    This event, renowned for its diverse and world-class entertainment offerings, has consistently surpassed expectations over its three-year history, captivating audiences with an array of engaging activities.

    Riyadh Season, a harmonious blend of global arts, cultures, games, and cutting-edge innovations, provides residents and visitors of Saudi Arabia with a premium entertainment experience adhering to the latest international standards. The success of this annual event lies in its ability to meet the tastes and needs of attendees.

    Themed “Big Time,” the fourth edition of Riyadh Season is a hub of international experiences and entertainment choices. It beckons visitors from around the globe to the capital, Riyadh, during the winter months, offering a plethora of concerts, exhibitions, and unique events featuring renowned artists, celebrities, and distinguished brands.

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