• Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

    UP, the girl rejected the fiancé in front of the panchayat and held the lover’s hand. In UP, the girl rejected the fiance in front of the panchayat and held the lover’s hand, the matter will surprise you


    Feb 23, 2023

    A shocking news is coming out from UP. In UP’s Amroha district, a young woman rejected her future husband in front of a full panchayat and held her lover’s hand. Please tell that the girl was going to get married on 24 February. Before that she eloped with her lover. After this a panchayat was called in which the girl insisted on living with her lover in front of everyone. Seeing the rebellious attitude of the daughter, the relatives also left the daughter to her condition.

    Girl ran away 10 days before marriage

    In fact, a girl in Amroha city eloped with her lover on Valentine’s Day just 10 days before the wedding. Somehow the relatives called the daughter and her lover in the panchayat. This whole matter is of a locality of the city. The love affair of the daughter of a person here was going on with a young man of another religion living in the locality. When the relatives came to know about this, they fixed the daughter’s relationship with a young man of their own religion. The matchmaking and all the rituals were also completed. The marriage was fixed on 24 February. From booking the marriage hall to the wedding, all the arrangements were made. Amidst all this, the girl eloped with the young man on the 14th itself. The relatives first searched from their own level and then gave a complaint to the police. The couple returned home three days ago after pressure from the police. To avoid police action, a panchayat of the people of both the fraternities was called. In this, the pachas called the girl and asked her wish, then the girl held the hand of her lover in front of the full panchayat.

    Holding lover’s hand in front of full panchayat

    In front of the panchayat, the daughter refused to live with the fiance and marry and held the lover’s hand. The relatives tried to pacify the daughter for a long time, but the rebellious daughter did not listen to anyone. Being fed up, the relatives broke their relationship with the lover by getting her married. On the other hand, Magantar, whose marriage was to take place on February 24, was arranged by her relatives elsewhere. Please tell that both the lovers are from different religions.


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