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    UP: The doctor removed 62 spoons from the patient’s stomach, had been eating for a year, treatment going on in ICU. OMG 62 spoons have been taken out from the stomach of 32 year old patient in Muzaffarnagar


    Sep 28, 2022
    Image Source : ANI

    OMG: A shocking case has come to light from Muzaffarnagar in UP. Here the doctor has removed 62 spoons from the stomach of a 32-year-old man, Vijay. The operation of this person lasted for about 2 hours. Doctor Rakesh Khurana told that the person is still in ICU. He had been eating spoons for a year.

    what is the whole matter

    40-year-old Vijay, who lived in village Bopada under Mansoorpur area of ​​Muzaffarnagar police station, was admitted to a private hospital in Muzaffarnagar when he had severe stomach ache. When the doctors examined him, he was surprised. The doctors told Vijay’s family that he would have to undergo an operation immediately. After this, when Vijay was operated on, steel spoons came out of his stomach, the front part of which was missing.

    Discussion everywhere when 63 spoons come out

    Doctors removed 63 spoons one after the other from Vijay’s stomach and also made a video of the operation. Doctors say that they have seen such a case for the first time. Why would anyone eat so many spoons? However, someone from Vijay’s family told that he was addicted to drugs. To get rid of this addiction, he was also sent to the drug de-addiction center. The family alleges that spoons have been fed to Vijay there.




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