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    Syrian president warns of genocide in Gaza, condemns Zionist brutality


    Nov 11, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — Syrian President Bashar Al Assad warned of the genocide facing the Palestinian people in Gaza, emphasizing that the Palestinian situation has worsened in terms of injustice and oppression.

    Addressing the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh, he said: “Today, the urgency in our nation is not just aggression or killing, as both persist and are inherent to the Israeli entity’s character.

    “However, the urgency lies in the Zionist brutality exceeding itself by targeting civilians, infrastructure, and hospitals for forced displacement.”

    He clarified that the recent aggression is a mere event in a long context spanning seventy-five years of Zionist crimes.

    “Despite 32 years of a failed peace process, the only undeniable outcome is that the entity has become more aggressive, and the Palestinian situation has grown more unjust, oppressive, and dire.

    “Neither the land has returned, nor has justice been restored, neither in Palestine nor in the Golan Heights.”

    President Al Assad called for unity to halt the crimes committed by Tel Aviv against the Palestinian people.

    He urged a peaceful path conditioned on the entity’s commitment to an immediate and prolonged cessation of its criminal policy against all Palestinians in every part of Palestine, allowing for the immediate entry of aid into Gaza.

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