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    Student ends up in hospital after exchange of blows with classmate in Jazan school


    Sep 29, 2022

    Saudi Gazette Report

    JAZAN — The Education Department in Jazan started investigation into a fight between two students in which one student sustained injuries.

    The incident took place in a classroom in the presence of the class teacher. The video footage of the incident, shot by another student, went viral on social media.

    The quarrel between the students led to the exchange of blows resulting in the injury of one of them. The student who fell to the ground during the altercation and the subsequent fight was taken to a nearby hospital.

    Rajaa Al-Attas, spokesman of the Jazan Education Department, confirmed that a quarrel between two students happened at a public secondary school for boys on Tuesday, and that resulted in the injury of one of them. The director general of education in the Jazan region immediately ordered the formation of a committee to probe into the causes of the incident.

    “The director general emphasized that those who have proven to be negligent and not dealt with the incident in the required manner will be held accountable so as to ensure that such incidents should not be repeated in future,” the spokesman said.

    Al-Attas confirmed that the student was taken to a hospital immediately after the incident and the necessary medical care was provided to him. The student left the hospital on the same day, after conducting the necessary medical examinations. The Education Department has followed up on all these developments, he said.

    Social media activists circulated a video clip showing a violent quarrel between two students in classroom. A student documented the video clip showing his two classmates exchanging blows between them.

    The video shows the injury of one of the students and his falling to the ground motionless as a result of the violent blows and he was then receiving first aid before taking into hospital.

    Many users of the social media expressed their strong indignation over the incident of quarrel and exchange of blows between the two students while the teacher was sitting in the class room as a mute spectator without making any intervention. Some Twitteratis shared their astonishment while seeing mobile phones in the hands of almost all students in the classroom.

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