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    SFDA shuts 3 medical warehouses for violations


    Aug 27, 2023

    Okaz/Saudi Gazette

    RIYADH — The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has shut down three warehouses of medical supplies and equipment in Jeddah for committing various violations.

    The SFDA has taken punitive measures after finding fault with these warehouses. The violations included stocking 5,500 medical products without obtaining a license and failure to comply with the storage requirements.

    The SFDA stated that its inspectors had found 300 expired products and 3,500 medical products that were stored in unsuitable conditions in the two warehouses. These warehouses were also found at fault with manufacturing medical products and making alterations in a medical product without obtaining a license.

    The violations also included not disclosing about storage facilities and branch warehouses. The SFDA authorities have seized the medical products and equipment involved in the violation before shutting down the warehouses. The authority also summoned those who operated the warehouses for taking penal measures against them.

    During the inspection tours, the SFDA officials also detected violations on the part of the warehouse of a medical showroom. It was found that the warehouse stored 1,700 medical products without obtaining a license as well as in poor conditions in violation of the storage activity. Subsequently, the warehouse was shut down.

    The authority called on warehouses of medical instruments to comply with the terms and conditions, and obtain a license to ensure the application of the necessary standards. It also urged to report about the violations on the part of any firms by calling the unified number (19999) or contacting through its Tameni application.

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