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    Saudi official highlights labor market reforms in WEF summit


    May 3, 2023

    GENEVA — The Saudi official highlighted reforms made in the Saudi labor market during a session in the Growth Summit 2023 held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

    Dr. Abdullah Abu Thanain, vice minister of human resources and social development for labor, emphasized the importance of supporting the quality of jobs in the labor market, which can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

    During a session focused on the future of work, he highlighted the achievements and reforms made in the Saudi labor market, particularly in workforce growth and the increased participation of women.

    The minister discussed several important initiatives and developments in the Saudi labor market, including the job creation index, the supply and demand foresight unit, the skills strategy, the skills accelerator initiative, and the training vouchers initiative.

    He also shed light on recent developments aimed at supporting and encouraging modern work patterns in the labor market. SPA

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