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Saudi Arabia to resume work of its diplomatic mission in Syria


May 10, 2023
Saudi Arabia to resume work of its diplomatic mission in Syria


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH , Saudi Arabia has decided to resume the work of its diplomatic mission in Syria. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement, carried by the Saudi Press Agency on Tuesday.

The ministry said that this decision emanates from the bonds of brotherhood that unite the peoples of Saudi Arabia and Syria. “This will serve the interests of the joint Arab action, and strengthen security and stability of the region. This was also after taking into account the decision taken by the meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers, held in Cairo on May 7, to resume the participation of the delegations of Syria in the meetings of the Arab League Council and all its affiliated organizations and organs ,” the ministry statement said, adding that this was also pursuant to the principles of the Charters of the United Nations and the Arab League and international conventions and norms,” the statement added.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia and Syria agreed on March 23 to resume diplomatic relations and open their embassies after a hiatus of more than a decade. Contacts between Riyadh and Damascus had gathered momentum following a landmark agreement to re-establish ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


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