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    Saudi Arabia, Poland strengthen air transport cooperation in new agreement


    Aug 29, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    WARSAW — Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Transport and Logistics Services Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, alongside his Polish counterpart Andrzej Adamczyk, inked a significant agreement on Monday. This pact marks a pivotal step in enhancing cooperation in air transport services between the two countries.

    Eng. Al-Jasser noted that the agreement holds the promise of ushering in improved communication, elevated flight frequency between the two nations, and robust support for tourism and trade. Moreover, it is anticipated to bolster Saudi Arabia’s stature as a prominent global logistics hub, a strategic goal of Saudi Vision 2030.

    This collaboration resonates with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious goals of fortifying its logistical capabilities to elevate its international standing. Al-Jasser emphasized that this agreement would also seamlessly contribute to the objectives set forth by the National Transport and Logistics Strategy.

    Under this strategy, Saudi Arabia aspires to augment air connectivity with various nations, with a visionary target of reaching 250 international destinations and transporting a staggering 330 million passengers annually by the year 2030.

    The new agreement is dedicated to the enhancement of cooperation in air transport services between Saudi Arabia and Poland. It encompasses the establishment of regulatory frameworks, the fortification of strategies within the civil aviation sector, and the expansion of the operational network of national carriers. In addition, the agreement seeks to propel international relations within the sphere of civil aviation, forging stronger connections between the Kingdom and other nations.

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