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    Saudi Arabia evacuates 6073 people of 104 nationalities from Sudan so far


    May 4, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    JEDDAH — Saudi Arabia has evacuated more than 6000 people of 105 nationalities from war-torn Sudan as of Thursday.

    The Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry said 208 people evacuated by Saudi Arabia from Sudan arrived in Jeddah on Thursday aboard HMS Taif.

    The evacuees included people from countries including Norway, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Eritrea, Egypt, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, France, Syria, the Netherlands and the US.

    The Kingdom is keen to provide all basic needs for the nationals of friendly countries in preparation for facilitating their departure to their homelands, the ministry said.

    The latest Saudi evacuation brings the total number of people evacuated from Sudan to 6,073, including 246 Saudi citizens and 5,827 others belonging to 104 nationalities.

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