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Saudi Arabia ends evacuation operations from Sudan


May 12, 2023
Saudi Arabia ends evacuation operations from Sudan


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — Saudi Arabia has concluded humanitarian evacuations of its citizens and the nationals of brotherly and friendly countries from Sudan.

The humanitarian evacuations by the Kingdom benefited 8,455 people, including 404 Saudis and 8,051 others belonging to 110 nationalities, They were evacuated by fleets of Royal Saudi Navy vessels and Royal Saudi Air Force planes.

The Kingdom also assisted brotherly and friendly countries in evacuating 11,184 of their nationals to the Kingdom en route to their homeland.

The Kingdom provided the evacuees with full care and follow-up assistance throughout the evacuations and during their stay in the Saudi territory until they departed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the Saudi government’s thanks and appreciation to the brothers in Sudan for their cooperation in facilitating the evacuations. It also expressed thanks to all the governments of brotherly and friendly countries that followed up on the affairs of their nationals who were evacuated from the Sudanese territory and cooperated in ending the procedures regarding their return to their home countries.


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