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    Sana Khan, Sharad Malhotra’s song Dil Nisar Hua Hua released


    May 22, 2023
    Sana Khan, Sharad Malhotra’s song Dil Nisar Hua Hua released
    Sana Khan, Sharad Malhotra’s ‘Dil Nisaar Hua’ celebrates love and passion.
    digital desk,Mumbai The song Dil Nisar Hua featuring Sharad Malhotra, Sana Khan and Jaya Nandy released on Monday. Sung by Javed Ali, the song is the first of 3 chapters of the timeless musical trilogy.The song which was shot in Turkey is a mix of melody, emotions and vocals with music composed by music director Prateek Gandhi, and music video directed by Faisal Miya Fotuwale.Actor Sharad Malhotra shared: The song showcases immense love through heartwarming lyrics and beautifully shot visuals. Every aspect of Song contributes to its extraordinary nature, but the presence of a talented cast, including me and me along with stunning faces and breathtaking locations, is what truly makes it extraordinary.

    Sharing her thoughts on the song, Sana Khan said, “Being a part of Dil Nisar Hua has been an incredible journey. The song beautifully encapsulates the essence of love and showcases the raw emotions we experience. I am thrilled for the audience to witness this musical masterpiece. Released by Crooners Musik in association with The Bucketlist Films, the song is available to stream on Crooners Music’s official YouTube channel.



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