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    Russia will not give information about nuclear weapons to America, Putin broke the decades old deal, what is the meaning?


    Mar 30, 2023

    The START agreement between the US and Russia was signed after the end of the Cold War, which was updated in 2010. The purpose of this agreement was to reduce the number of nuclear weapons.

    Russia-US Nuclear Information: Russia has decided not to inform the US about its missile tests, breaking a decades-old agreement. A senior Russian diplomat has said that in the midst of the Ukraine war, Russia’s military has started preparing for war with nuclear weapons. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said in a statement given to Russian news agencies that Moscow has decided to suspend its participation in the previous nuclear arms deal with the US and now Moscow has reached an agreement with Washington on nuclear weapons. Exchange of information has been stopped. Let us tell you that for the last several decades, America and Russia used to share advanced information about every nuclear and missile tests with each other. Along with this, both countries used to inform each other every year, how many nuclear weapons they had.

    Russia-US Nuclear Information

    The meaning of breaking the nuclear agreement

    The nuclear deal between the US and Russia was giving strategic stability to the relationship between the two countries, as it did not create an atmosphere of mistrust towards each other. Along with this, both countries were helped to interpret each other’s nuclear weapons stockpiles correctly. The activation of this deal helped any country to avoid misinformation regarding missile testing. But, now Russia will not share the information of its missile test with America. This means that personal animosity between the US and Russia over Ukraine is on the rise and it will have serious consequences. Russia has decided to withhold information about its nuclear weapons to the US after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of its nuclear weapons in its strategic ally, Belarus. Along with this, Russia has decided to deploy its Yars Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system in Belarus.

    Russia-US Nuclear Information

    Putin suspends START treaty

    Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended the New START treaty, alleging that Russia could not accept US inspections of its nuclear sites under the agreement at a time when Washington and its NATO allies have openly declared the defeat of Russia in Ukraine as their goal. Moscow has stressed that it is not withdrawing from the accord entirely, and will continue to respect the limits on nuclear weapons set by the treaty. That is, Russia has decided not to raise the limit of manufacturing nuclear weapons. Let us tell you that there is a treaty between Russia and America, under which both countries have drastically reduced the number of their nuclear weapons and both have decided that more nuclear weapons will not be manufactured beyond a borderline. . The Russian Foreign Ministry initially said that Moscow would inform the U.S. about the planned test launch of its ballistic missiles. But now Russia has decided not to do so.

    ‘No information will be given to America’

    Russian diplomat Ryabkov has told Russian news agencies that ‘absolutely no information will be given’. He was asked whether Moscow would stop issuing notices about planned missile tests. He said that “all notifications, all types of notifications, all activities under the treaty will be suspended and it will depend on what the US situation is”. US State Department officials have said that “the US offered to share its nuclear weapons information with Russia even after Russia suspended the START treaty, but Moscow informed Washington that He will not share his data.

    Russia-US Nuclear Information

    Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s strong action plan on Nuclear Weapons, America in tension. Oneindia Hindi

    What is the US-Russia START agreement?

    Let us tell you that the New START agreement was signed in the year 2010 between the then US President Barack Obama and the then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Under this agreement, both countries agreed to keep 1550 nuclear weapons and 700 missiles and bombers. Under this agreement, these two countries could not keep more weapons than this number. It was decided in this agreement, before every missile test, its advance information, both the countries will share with each other. However, the inspections have been put on hold since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Discussions on restarting them were due to take place in November 2022, but Russia has decided to put the deal on hold, citing US support for Ukraine. Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that Yars mobile missile launchers will conduct maneuvers in three regions of Siberia as part of Russian exercises that began on Wednesday. Let us tell you that Yars is a nuclear-powered intercontinental ballistic missile, which has a range of about 7,500 miles. It is the backbone of the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the maneuvers involve about 300 vehicles and 3,000 soldiers in eastern Siberia.