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    Riyadh’s Al-Wahah and Salahiddine are named King Salman Neighborhood


    May 14, 2023
    Riyadh’s Al-Wahah and Salahiddine are named King Salman Neighborhood

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH , The Al-Wahah and Salahiddin neighborhoods of Riyadh are named as King Salman Neighborhood. This was announced by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman.

    The Crown Prince also announced further development of the neighborhood, saying that this is in recognition of the outstanding efforts of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to develop Riyadh during his tenure as emir of the Riyadh region that spanned over five decades.

    The naming and development of these neighborhoods will be a landmark initiative as part of the ongoing projects to upgrade the capital city of Riyadh and place it on top of the world map as one of the most important economic and tourism destinations. Located in the center of Riyadh, the King Salman Neighborhood covers an area of ​​6.6 square kilometers and is adjacent to King Salman Park. The Salmani architecture will be the major hallmark of the public facilities in this neighbourhood.

    Its development is a main component of the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to make Riyadh one of the top 10 cities in the world. The project seeks to realize several targets, including increasing the quality of essential services and entertainment activities, promoting the overall sustainability of the neighborhood to raise the quality of life, and creating an interactive urban environment that fosters social relations for the population.

    The Crown Prince’s decision aims at increasing the quality of basic services and entertainment activities, in addition to creating an urban and architectural identity for the public facilities in the neighbourhood, emanating from the Salmani architecture and its principles. It is also an extension of the Crown Prince’s great concern and support for the development of cities so as to stimulate population and economic growth.

    The use of Salmani architecture for public facilities in this neighborhood aims at giving the place a special identity, inspired by the projects launched by King Salman during his tenure as Riyadh emir. It is an architectural concept that embodies originality and modernity, and that shows the extent of the Monarch’s interest in the architecture and identity of Najdi-inspired Riyadh.

    While developing the neighborhood, facilitating the pedestrians’ movement between various sites and institutions will be given top consideration, rather than giving vehicles priority, which is one of the most important developments that the Riyadh mayoralty is working on in the city.

    This is one of Riyadh’s developmental and environmental projects, which will be implemented to translate the Crown Prince’s conviction that cities have to develop their economies and boost economic development. It is bound to upgrade Riyadh and place it on the world map as one of the most important economic and tourism destinations.

    It is also an extension of the vision for development process of the capital, which is reflected in the plans of Riyadh mayoralty that aimed at strengthening the population’s bond with its environment and improving the quality of life in its various neighbourhoods, under the umbrella of the Comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom’s regions and cities under the Saudi Vision 2030.

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