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    Ramiz Raja behaving like a kid: Salman Butt slams former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman


    Jan 1, 2023

    Salman Butt, a former captain of Pakistan, criticized Ramiz Raja, the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), for acting like a child who had his toy taken away. Since losing his position as PCB Chairman, the 60-year-old Raja’s life in Pakistan has taken a drastic turn. After Pakistan’s recent dismal 0-3 loss to England in the Test series at home, he was fired from his position.

    Raja had reacted with some stern comments towards the current panel and expressed his displeasure at being replaced by Najam Sethi as the new PCB chief. Raja had stated that the new board members have no interest in the betterment of Pakistan cricket and that they only want authority.

    To this, Butt, on his YouTube channel, said, “I think his recent comments have left a bitter taste. People have been sacked before too, but nobody has ever reacted this way. He’s behaving like a kid who had his toy snatched. ”

    The former Pakistan batsman said Raja needs to show some grace and focus on his other skills like commentary.

    “He has got other skills and should consider doing commentary now. He should not be making such statements and needs to show some grace,” Butt said.

    “Ramiz Raja was lucky that the new government allowed him to work for several months after coming to power, which doesn’t happen usually. It’s the first time that a new government did not fire the chairman straightaway. Not only did they not remove him straight away, but they also supported him. There had been talks about Ramiz’s removal. It didn’t happen overnight,” he added.


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