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    Rajasthan: State BJP remains confused about the face, strategy will have to be prepared by taking lessons from these states


    Feb 22, 2023

    Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan by the end of this year. Before entering the elections, there is confusion about the face in the BJP. The party will have to prepare an election strategy by taking lessons from the instability and results of other states.

    Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan by the end of this year. Congress and BJP have started making their election strategy. In Rajasthan, the BJP is embroiled in massive factionalism. If party sources are to be believed, the BJP wants to contest the elections on the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is considered to have a strong hold in Rajasthan. But a section of the party is not in favor of making Raje the CM. Knowledgeable sources tell that Vasundhara Raje is a strong leader of the party. Has been the Chief Minister of the state twice. There is instability within the party in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka. The main reason for this is the differences regarding local faces in those states. Taking lessons from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, BJP wants to start election campaign before Karnataka elections. The party is talking about contesting elections in Rajasthan on the face of Narendra Modi. But there is a great need of local strong face along with PM Modi in the state. Earlier, the party suffered losses in the assembly elections in West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana. The real reason for this was the neglect of the local leaders there. The party fought elections in these states on the face of PM Modi. But could not get as much success as the party had expected. In such a situation, the party in Rajasthan will have to do some experiment after thinking.

    Gujarat formula will be ineffective in Rajasthan

    BJP wants to work on Gujarat election formula in Rajasthan also. Recently, after the Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria was made the Governor of Assam, there is uneasiness among the 70 leaders of the state regarding the ticket. But there is a big difference between the political conditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are themselves from Gujarat. In such a situation, his hold is more in Gujarat. But Rajasthan is dominated by local leaders. Political experts say that Vasundhara Raje, who has been CM twice in the state, has a strong hold on the land. Whenever Raje is on tour. Crowds are seen in his programs. Apart from this, the hold of regional leaders is strong in the state. Rajya Sabha MP Kirodi Lal Meena and MP Hanuman Beniwal are great examples of this. In such a situation, it will be difficult for the party to overcome these regional leaders.

    Confusion over the selection of the Leader of the Opposition

    In Rajasthan, there is a tussle within the BJP over the Chief Minister’s face. The party talks about contesting elections in the state on the face of PM Modi. Recently, after the appointment of Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria as the Governor, the Leader of Opposition has not been elected in the state. Party State President Satish Poonia is alternatively in the role of Leader of Opposition in the state. The name of Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore is fast emerging for this post. But the party high command is unable to take any decision. Few months are left for the assembly elections in the state. Taking lessons from other states, the party will have to come into election mode in the state.





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