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    Rajasthan Govt in Crisis: Rar in Rajasthan Congress, will BJP form government now!…


    Sep 27, 2022
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    • Political crisis deepens in Rajasthan after the resignation of 90 Congress MLAs
    • High command being angry with Gehlot and his faction
    • The equations of the new government are being discussed rapidly

    Rajasthan Govt in Crisis:The Congress could not have imagined even in its dreams that this time the election of the national president would become such a big problem for it that it would be in danger of losing the government from another state. 90 MLAs supporting the present CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot have put the Congress high command in big trouble by submitting their resignations. Till now it was believed that Ashok Gehlot would be the next national president of the party, but now there is a cloud of apprehension on this too. The high command is now said to be angry with Gehlot and the MLAs of his faction. At the same time, in the midst of this political crisis, questions are also being raised that will the BJP, which is playing the role of opposition in the state, be successful in forming the government here too?

    Let us now explain to you what are the possibilities of forming a new government in the midst of the latest crisis that has arisen in Rajasthan. This political crisis has arisen in Rajasthan at a time when only eight to 10 months are left for the elections to be held there. At present, the Congress government has been confined to only two states of the country including Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Earlier, the Kamal Nath government of Congress Madhya Pradesh has also lost due to factionalism. Now Rajasthan is going through a similar situation due to factionalism between CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, the second biggest contender for the post of Chief Minister.

    How many MLAs with whom in Congress

    At present, 90 Congress MLAs have resigned in support of Ashok Gehlot. The Congress has a total of 108 MLAs in this state with 200 assembly. Now after the resignation of 90 MLAs, only 18 of its MLAs are left. The 90 MLAs who have resigned have openly said that they will not accept the leadership of any other leader except Ashok Gehlot. In such a situation, it can be assumed that only 18 MLAs of the Sachin Pilot faction are left. In such a situation, according to the current situation, Sachin Pilot is in a very weak position. If the resignation of 90 MLAs is accepted, then 90 out of 200 MLAs will be reduced. Thus only 110 MLAs will be left in the assembly. Then only 56 MLAs are needed for majority. In this way BJP alone will form the government. If the resignation of 90 MLAs is not accepted, then the other equations are as follows.

    Total assembly seats in Rajasthan 200

    Which party has how many MLAs?

    number of party legislators

      • Congress 108


      • BJP 71


      • National Democratic Party 03


      • CPI(M) 02


      • Indian Tribal Party 02


      • RLD 01


      • independent 13


    By which equation of BJP can the government be formed
    The current strength of BJP MLAs in Rajasthan is 71. There should be a majority of 101 MLAs to form the government. Accordingly, BJP needs 28 more MLAs. If all 13 independent MLAs and three National Democratic Party MLAs, two CPI(M) and two Bharatiya Tribal Party MLAs are also included, then the BJP has a total of 93 MLAs adding 20 MLAs to 73. Even in such a situation, the BJP government cannot be formed. But there is another equation, under which BJP can form the government in Rajasthan.

    BJP can form government like this
    party legislator

      • BJP 71


      • independent 13


      • other 08


      • 18 of the Sachin Pilot camp


      • Total No. 73+13+08+17=110


      • MLA required for majority = 101


    second equation
    That is, if 18 MLAs of the Sachin Pilot faction come with the BJP, then a new government can be formed there. But then the anti-defection law will apply. In such a situation, if the right to vote for 18 MLAs is abolished, then the total number of members in the assembly will be considered as 200-18 = 182. That is, then 92 MLAs will be needed for majority. In such a situation, Gehlot has 90 MLAs and BJP has 73 and 20 Independents and other MLAs are having 93 MLAs. In such a situation, BJP government can be formed. But now there is very little time left in the election. In such a situation, experts believe that perhaps the BJP will not be ready to form the government in Rajasthan. She will wait for the election.







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