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    Permits to hold fashion shows in Saudi Arabia can obtained via Abdea platform


    Sep 6, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — Saudi Arabia’s Fashion Commission launched a new permit to hold live fashion shows in any of the fashion activities and fields.

    The permit is to hold a show in the presence of an audience or a live fashion show, which is one of the expressive arts, in which designs or products of designers or companies are displayed such as fashion or accessories.

    The Fashion Show Permit is one of the new cultural permits to enable the fashion sector establishments to obtain it to contribute to organizing and improving the quality and number of fashion shows in Saudi Arabia.

    The permit will also contribute to supporting efforts to develop national costumes and fashion, and raise the level of interest and awareness of them, as well as empowering the growth of the sector.

    The commission has set several requirements that those wishing to obtain the permit must adhere to.

    These include the necessity of adhering to the general conditions and controls by providing full details of the fashion show, and the importance of providing an approval and initial booking from the party where the show will be held.

    Those wishing to obtain the permit must undertake to fulfill all the required conditions and procedures, in addition to adhering to the requirements of the supporting agencies and other relevant government agencies.

    The commission confirmed that no entity can benefit from the new services to hold live fashion shows except after issuing the permit.

    Persons and entities wishing to submit an application, or wishing to view all the terms and conditions for obtaining a permit to hold fashion shows, can visit the unified electronic platform for cultural licenses and permits “Abdea” at the following link: https://abdea.moc.gov.sa/site/permits/fashion/fashion-show-permit

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