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Participation rate of Saudi female environmental inspectors up 360% in a year


Aug 21, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — The participation rate of Saudi women in the field of environmental inspection soared more than 360 percent during the year 2023 as compared to last year while the participation rate of male inspectors increased only by 10 percent.

Saudi women have proven their excellence in environmental inspections this year, according to a report of the National Center for Environmental Compliance. The center pointed out that the total number of environmental inspectors reached 263 during the current year, while the number of female inspectors quadrupled, bringing the number to 111 for the same period.

The center praised the high efficiency demonstrated by female inspectors in applying the standards and conditions of the Environment Law during the inspection tours of the facilities that accounted for 22,000 tours.

It stressed that the increase in the number of female environmental inspectors comes as an achievement of the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to empower women. “Their selection was made in accordance with the criteria and terms and conditions of employment in this vital sector after passing the academic qualifications such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental disciplines,” it pointed out.

The center noted that female inspectors receive the necessary training to carry out environmental inspection tasks. The environmental inspection program provides employment and training opportunities for cadres working in this vital field, in order to raise environmental quality standards during each inspection round.



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