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    Over 6 million people perform prayers at Prophet’s Mosque in a week


    Nov 8, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    MADINAH — As many as 6,252,097 worshippers have performed prayers at Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah in a week, which is an increase of more than half a million over the previous week.

    Various departments working in the General Authority for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques are intensifying their field and guidance efforts to serve worshippers throughout the Prophet’s Mosque.

    The organizational measures implemented by the Crowd Management at the Prophet’s Mosque enabled 134,547 worshippers to pray in the Rawdah Al Sharif with peace and reassurance.

    A total of 493,147 visitors had the honor to greet the Prophet, PBUH, during the past week.

    The Prophet’s Mosque is witnessing an increase in the density of worshippers. Therefore, the operating authorities are making several efforts, including services provided by the Guidance Department, to educate worshippers in various languages through a staff that provides awareness to visitors in their languages in five locations in the mosque, including Gates 336, 328, 364, 301, and 316.

    It also includes field services that are held around the clock, supervising the regularity of sterilization, cleaning, and offering water programs, organizing entry and exit, in addition to continuously monitoring weather conditions to protect worshippers during rain and from the hot sun, as well as the awareness programs through printed publications and e-screens.

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