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    Online Tatkaal Passport: Now you will have passport in your hands in 3 days, just apply like this. Online Tatkaal Passport Application how to get passport in 3 days apply at passport india


    Feb 13, 2023
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    Get passport like this in 3 days

    Online Tatkaal Passport Application: If you are thinking about getting a passport (Indian Passport), then this news is for you only. Because we are going to make you an easy way to get passport. You can get passport online from the comfort of your home in just 3 days. For this, you just have to make an application by visiting the official website of Passport India. On applying for a passport in this manner, the police verification is done after the passport is dispatched. For this, you have to apply through the methods mentioned by us.

    Procedure to apply for passport

    To apply for passport you have to visit the official website of Passport India. To get an instant passport, you have to go and click on the option of Tatkaal Passport. Your passport will be dispatched by Passport India on the 3rd working day of applying. It only takes three days. Once you have completed the process. The passport will be delivered to your home on the third day itself.

    Passport will be dispatched on the third day

    The passport will be dispatched on the third day of application submission. However, the passport will be dispatched only on the third working day. Please tell that in order to get a quick passport in 3 days, you must have all the documents correct and authentic. Police verification will also not be done on applying for passport in this manner. This is the reason why people choose the option of getting a Tatkal passport instead of the normal method as it saves a lot of hassle and unnecessary delays. In this way, after getting the passport, your police verification is done.

    Normal process of making passport

    Please tell that police verification is done before the passport is issued in the normal way. For this you have to pay a very low fee of Rs 1500. Although its process is a bit long. In this you have to take online appointment first. After this you have to go to Passport Seva Kendra. After this you have to submit the documents. After this police verification is done. When all these procedures are completed then your passport is delivered. Whereas in case of Tatkal passport, the passport is dispatched on the third day itself.





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