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    NCR reaches 50% first booster target


    Sep 28, 2022

    THE National Capital Region (NCR) has reached its first booster coverage target of 50 percent, according to the Department of Health Metro Manila Center for Health Development (DoH-MMCHD).

    This means that 5,067,530 individuals or to 50.17 percent have been covered as of September 23, according to data released by DoH-MMCHD.

    The DoH-MMCHD said it has also reached the threshold for fully-vaccinated senior citizens or the A2 population group, with 1,047,250 or 90.73 percent of the total elderly population in Metro Manila receiving their doses.

    According to DoH-MMCHD Regional Director Gloria Balboa, this would not have been possible without the collaboration of their CHD staff, DoH Central Office, the region’s health workforce, the 17 local government units of Metro Manila, and other partner stakeholders.

    Balboa also said that a major factor in achieving vaccination coverage in the region is the “PinasLakas” campaign, which was directed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

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    The “PinasLakas” campaign for booster shots has set a target of at least 50 percent coverage for the general population and 90 percent primary dose for senior citizens.

    Balboa said that they will continue their efforts in implementing settings-based vaccination programs, strengthening community protection, increasing vaccine access, and working hand in hand with partners to increase immunity from Covid-19.

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said that the entire Western Pacific Region should continue “treading with caution” despite the decreased number of cases across the globe.

    WHO Western Pacific Region Officer in Charge Dr. Graham Harrison said that things are now “hitting in a direction where there would be fewer problems with Covid-19.”

    “We still have a lot of people who are not vaccinated, or have been vaccinated but are not boosted, so there is still a potential for a number of people to be severely affected by Covid,” Harrison said during a press briefing in Taguig City .

    He added that while it is inevitable that people will soon live with Covid-19 and despite the relaxation of the rules on mask mandates, there are differences in the situation in different countries in the region.


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