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    Nami is proud to be ‘Platinum Sponsor of Seamless Riyadh’


    Sep 6, 2023

    Nami, a Saudi company specialized in the field of fintech, has shown a continuous active presence in the most prominent local and regional events interested in the fintech sector.

    Nami recently participated in the Seamless Riyadh Exhibition for the second time in a row in support of this important exhibition, which contributes to the development and enrichment of this vital sector.

    Nami showcased its new distinguished innovations to the exhibition’s guests and visitors, which it prepares to introduce them to the Saudi market in the future, following their approval by relevant financial authorities.

    Regarding Nami’s continuous participation, we have invited the CEO of the company, Abdulmohsen Al-Sudairy, who revealed various aspects of Nami’s activity and future projects.

    Q: Nami has become a permanent guest of local and regional exhibitions specialized in the field of Fintech as we recently witnessed at the Seamless Riyadh exhibition?

    A: We are keen on participating in exhibitions and specialized forums in the field of fintech because it puts us on a collaborative platform with interested parties and practitioners in this field. It allows us to showcase our innovations and stay updated with the latest developments from others, contributing to the rapid growth and evolution of this sector. Undoubtedly, Seamless Exhibition serves as a gathering point for industry players and those interested and dealing in the fintech sector worldwide to exchange experiences, gain insights, and discover new trends in the fintech sector. As part of this sector, we at “Nami” strive to keep up with all advancements, contribute to innovation, and add value to the industry. This is reflected in the quality of our products and services provided to our customers in the Saudi market. As an expression of our support for this event, we invest in its sponsorship and support, believing in its importance and positive impact on the fintech sector as a whole.

    Q: During Seamless Dubai, you announced a number of new innovations?

    A: Yes, development and innovation are the key focus areas in our work in order to stay ahead in the field and provide our customers with the latest advancements. Recently, we introduced Nami 360, Nami GO, and Nami softPOS. Nami 360 is a comprehensive cloud-based point-of-sale system that manages sales operations, inventory, customers, and generates electronic invoices. While Nami GO facilitates payments in e-commerce through websites. Lastly, during the exhibition, we showcased “Nami softPOS,” a service that transforms mobile phones into stations that enable accepting payments.

    Q: Will we see more technological innovations in the future from Nami?

    A: Of course, we will never stop working, innovating, and developing because our stopping would mean our end. Everything we offer is the result of extensive efforts and research from our team to understand the market and its needs. We conduct field surveys to identify obstacles that can be resolved through modern technology, in order to develop these distinctive programs. We rely on them to assist in solving many aspects that are important to administrative and economic authorities once they are officially approved and licensed.

    Q: Have fintech become an influential element in the economic financial sector?

    A: With great confidence, I can say that the impact of the fintech sector has exceeded the boundaries of the economic sector. It affects society as a whole and contributes to enhancing the quality of life through the solutions and features it provides. It has helped solve many problems and obstacles in various aspects that used to suffer from tedious routines in financial operations, which are now executed easily and accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it has assisted economic authorities in improving their outputs and internal auditing. It has opened up broader horizons, whose impact extends at the level of countries and peoples in general.

    Q: Is our society receptive to fintech and interacting with them?

    A: Thanks to Allah Almighty and the massive infrastructure of our country, which has helped in the growth and prosperity of the fintech sector, we have achieved significant leaps and expansion in relying on technology. This was supported by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which dedicated a significant portion of its initiatives and programs to prepare the appropriate groundwork for this development and qualitative leap through provided systems. However, the systems in place are characterized by positive flexibility in embracing every new advancement after undergoing the necessary study and examination. Furthermore, the high culture of the Saudi people and their openness to innovation and the use of options that save efforts and time in carrying out their works have also contributed to this progress.

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