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    Meta India: Flurry Of Resignations In Meta India, Now Director Manish Chopra Left The Company


    May 17, 2023
    Meta India: Flurry Of Resignations In Meta India, Now Director Manish Chopra Left The Company

    Meta India Manish Chopra: Manish Chopra, Head of Partnerships, Meta India, announced his resignation on LinkedIn. This is the fourth resignation in the company in six months.



    Meta India Manish Chopra Resign: There has been a flurry of resignations in Meta India. Now the company’s director and head of partnership in India Manish Chopra has said bye to the company. He joined the company in 2019. This resignation is considered a major setback for Meta India as four senior officials have resigned in six months.

    Four resignations in six months, big blow to the company

    Earlier, Meta India head Ajit Mohan and public policy head Rajeev Agarwal left the company. Both had decided to part ways from the company in November last year. At the same time, its head of WhatsApp India, Abhijit Bose, also resigned from his post last year.

    After being spun off from Meta India, Ajit Mohan and Rajeev Agarwal joined Snap and Samsung, respectively. At the same time, Bose had informed about working on a new startup venture. Manish Chopra also served as the head of Meta India for two months following the resignation of Ajit Mohan.

    Manish Chopra said a big thing while resigning

    It’s been 4.5 years of an incredible journey leading Meta Partnerships in India! I am stepping down from my role at Meta and will be assisting with the transition over the next few weeks. My journey began with this amazing opportunity to lead our partnership efforts in India, which was emerging as one of Meta’s most important markets in 2019. I’m very proud of the work the Instagram and WhatsApp teams and I have done to be an ally to creators and businesses across the country. There are so many people who have been so seriously influential in guiding my team and me that I cannot do justice by naming just a few. To my team, it is a privilege to know you and learn from you. More power to you, always!

    hard times in recent months

    Recent months have been difficult times for everyone in more ways than one. I know this team has shown a lot of care and helped each other selflessly. In doing our best in so many moments, I have seen people ‘darte nahi toh kya karte’, and surpassing our wildest dreams. And so for me, I am now looking forward to a new phase in my professional life. I’ll share more in due course.


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