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    “Maid in Malacañang” Producer Imee Marcos Donates Film Premiere’s Catering Budget to Quake Victims


    Jul 30, 2022

    Sen. Imee Marcos, the producer of the controversial movie “Maid in Malacañang” announced through social media that the film’s cast and crew decided to donate the catering budget for the movie premiere night to earthquake-hit communities.

    Sen. Imee Marcos posted the following the message on social media “I personally witnessed many people lose their homes and lives during my visit to Ilocandia and Abra, so we will make the Premiere Night of Maid in Malacañang today, July 29, simple rather than pompous,” Marcos said on Facebook.

    “The entire cast crew agreed to donate the catering budget to the victims of the earthquake,” she said.

    The controversial movie features the last 72 hours or the last three days of the Marcos Family in Malacañang before they were forced into exile in the United States in 1986 from the viewpoint of Palace maids.

    The movie, produced by VIVA Films, is under the production of Sen. Imee Marcos and it will be shown in theaters next week.

    According to Marcos, it is more important to help the communities affected by the earthquake. She said her family is already content with airing their side through the movie.

    Sen. Imee Marcos added further that “I hope the audience will understand the simple opening night of our movie. My family and I are enough to show our side of the story of history.” she said.

    “It is more important now that we help our countrymen who were devastated by the earthquake,” she noted further.

    Netizens were delighted with the recent announcement made by Sen. Imee Marcos who prioritized the victims of the Abra earthquake compared to their supposed extravagant catering services intended for the movie.

    Read Some Comments From Netizens:

    Belma Allen: Long live the Marcos family. God bless you more and more. Amen

    Josephine Calajate: The greatest leaders on earth – the Marcos family.

    Maria Mercado: ever since the Marcos family is good, I hope that all of our dreams will come true, that everything in the Philippines will be changed, especially the livelihoods of the Filipinos, that the poor will be improved, because there are more poor people than rich people here on the face of the earth, long live the Marcos family. all of us.

    Liza Yan: This family really has a good heart

    Charlita Gamale: Thank you Lord for the good Marcos family and PBBM that you managed in our country, I know that you are the one who sat on him as the president of this country, I claim by faith that this is the beginning of the prosperity of the country, amen.

    Source: Sen. Imee Marcos FB Page


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