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    Mahindra recreates the Scorpio-N under a waterfall! Video of sunroof leaking went viral, watch video


    Mar 5, 2023

    Mahindra Scorpio is in news these days for a strange reason. Recently a video went viral on the internet in which a man had parked the Scorpio-N under a waterfall. After that its sunroof started leaking and water got filled inside the vehicle. When the video came on social media, it started going viral. The driver tagged the company and asked for its response. Now response has been given from Mahindra. The company took the car under the waterfall again and checked whether the water really filled the car! Let us tell you how far the whole matter has reached.

    Instagram But a week ago a person named Arun Panwar had uploaded a video. In this video the person Scorpio-N Had parked it under a waterfall and in no time water started filling inside the car. The video went viral very quickly and people got a lot of reactions on it. Watch this viral video-

    After this the person Mahindra Asked the company to respond on this. About a week later, the company repeated the same incident again and parked the Scorpio-N under a waterfall. This 59-second video has been shared by the company on its Twitter handle. The driver takes the vehicle in reverse mode and parks it under the waterfall. There is a camera inside and the entire video is recorded. It is shown inside that not even a drop of water is going into the vehicle. While water is seen flowing through the wind screen and all around. Watch the video released by Mahindra-
    Although the company has written at the end of this video that this stunt has been performed under the guidance of professionals, and appealed to the common people not to try to repeat it on their own. At the same time, the video that was released on social media a week ago by the driver of Scorpio-N, is being said on social media that it is a deliberate act. There is no truth in this. Users also reacted fiercely to the video.

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