• Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

    Led By Donkeys paint Russian Embassy road in Ukrainian flag colors


    Feb 23, 2023

    LONDON — Four people have been arrested after protesters painted the road outside the Russian Embassy in London in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

    Led by Donkeys covered the street in Kensington Palace Gardens in yellow and blue paint ahead of the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

    The group said it wanted to remind Russia’s president of Ukraine’s “right to self-determination”. The Met Police said three men and one woman remained in custody.

    Led by Donkeys, which began in 2018 as an anti-Brexit group, said it had poured 170 liters of yellow paint on the eastbound carriageway of Bayswater Road and a similar amount of blue paint on the westbound side, with passing traffic then spreading the colors along the road.

    Explaining the protest in a tweet, the group said: “Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Putin’s imperialist invasion of Ukraine, an independent state and a people with every right to self-determination.

    “The existence of a massive Ukrainian flag outside his embassy in London will serve to remind him of that.”

    The Met said officers had been called to the area at 08:45 GMT over reports of paint being thrown on the road.

    It added the four people had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and obstructing the highway, and were all in custody. BBC


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