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Jordan’s Queen Rania hosts pre-wedding henna party for future Saudi daughter-in-law Rajwa Al-Saif


May 24, 2023
Jordan’s Queen Rania hosts pre-wedding henna party for future Saudi daughter-in-law Rajwa Al-Saif


Saudi Gazette report

AMMAN , Queen Rania of Jordan hosted an elegant henna party for her future daughter-in-law Rajwa Al-Saif ahead of Rajwa’s marriage with her son and Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II. Rajwa is engaged to Prince Hussein, the eldest son of King Abdullah and Queen Rania last year, and their wedding will be held on June 1 in Amman.

Queen Rania shared pictures of the henna celebration on social media.

The celebration took place on Monday night at the Royal Hashemite Court’s Madareb Bani Hashem. The ceremony was attended by many members of the Jordanian royal family including princesses such as Iman bint Abdullah II and Princess Salma bint Abdullah II, who are daughters of King Abdullah and Queen Rania, Azza Al-Sudairi, mother of the bride, as well as members of the Al-Saif family, relatives and friends, and special invitees from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

In the pictures, Al-Saif looked stunning, wearing a gold and white gown designed by Saudi designer Honayda Serafi. “No celebration would be complete without our Jordanian family. Celebrating our beautiful Rajwa,” the Queen wrote on her Instagram. During the party, Rania called Rajwa “the perfect answer to all my prayers for” her first born Crown Prince Hussein.

Queen Rania welcomed her guests saying: “Welcome, I am glad that you all are here to share our joy with us.Today is a special day for us, and to our entire Jordanian family. or far, you are all in our hearts today.

At the party, Queen Rania said that a daughter is usually a reflection of her mother. The queen described Azza as a “gem.”

Rajwa was seen dabbing her eyes as her future mother-in-law spoke. “I’ll never forget how happy His Majesty and I were when Al-Hussein told us he wanted to marry Rajwa. She is the perfect answer to all my prayers for him,” the Queen said at the celebration. The Queen described Rajwa as “the sweetest and most beautiful bride-to-be.”

She said addressing Rajwa, “God willing, O Lord, may God make you happy, grant you success, and keep both of you together. And God willing, you will always be the support and joy of each other.”

Addressing her son, the queen said: “Today, I see Hussein. I see in front of me a brave young soldier who is confident in himself and strong. I see how he treats like his father. I see how he treats his bride and his wedding. How would he like this wedding to take place with Jordanian participation, not only with the celebrations, but with the preparations as well.” “He is really a Hashemite young man who is aware and knows that he is one of you and yours, and God willing, I fulfilled my promise to King Hussein, and God willing, he will be satisfied, and God willing, all of you will be satisfied. ,

Traditional Jordanian and Saudi songs were performed during the celebration. Local artists Nedaa Shrara, Diana Karazon, and Zain Awad participated in the performances in addition to performances by Haleem Musical Group, Al Salt Girls Band, and Misk Dance Company. As a Zaffeh for the bride to be and henna drawing for guests were also held to mark the ceremony.

The invitees extended congratulations and blessings to King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, Crown Prince Hussein and Rajwa Al-Saif. Prince Hussein was engaged to be married to Rajwa Al-Saif, daughter of a Saudi businessman, in August 2022. The engagement ceremony was held in the presence of King Abdullah II, and Queen Rania at the bride’s family home in Riyadh.


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