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    Jeeny Launches the Month of Goodwill’s CSS Initiative


    Mar 29, 2024

    Jeeny, a leading ride-hailing company, has launched a meaningful CSS initiative with the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center for Males in Diriyah. This collaboration comes as part of Jeeny’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the community. For this event, Jeeny hosted a Ramadan Iftar for individuals with disabilities who are under the care of the center, extending the invitation to include their families and the center’s employees.

    During this heartwarming event, individuals at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center engaged in special activities dedicated to their specific needs. Jeeny’s team eagerly participated in these activities along with the families of the individuals, showcasing their steadfast dedication to community service and social work.

    Jeeny’s employees expressed their gratitude for this opportunity to bring joy, inclusivity, and a sense of community to differently-abled individuals. Mohammed Siyam, Jeeny’s PR Manager, said, “We’re honored to have brought joy through our collaboration with the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. Seeing the happiness among these beautiful people at our Iftar event speaks volumes about the impact of compassion and kindness.”

    The Iftar event left a lasting positive impression on the community at the center, their families, and the center’s employees alike, emphasizing the significance of nurturing empathy and understanding towards all people. The center’s spokesperson, Mr. Abdullah Bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, expressed his appreciation for this initiative, saying: “We are immensely grateful to Jeeny for organizing this memorable Iftar gathering for our residents and their families. Witnessing the joy on their faces as they share this moment is truly touching. Jeeny’scommitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting our special people is commendable.”

    Jeeny’s collaboration with the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center underscores its tireless work to instill the significance of corporate social sustainability in its employees. Through the heartfelt Iftar event, Jeeny not only extended support to individuals with disabilities but also fostered a deeper sense of community and compassion among its employees.

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