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Jeddah Astronomy: Fall season to begin on Sept. 22


Sep 5, 2023


Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH The Jeddah Astronomical Society confirmed that the fall season will begin in the northern hemisphere or spring in the southern hemisphere on Sept. 22 or 23. Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, president of the society, said that the northern and southern hemispheres will witness approximately equal amounts of light of day and night on that day.

He said summer ends in the northern hemisphere during the month of September and night begins early, especially later in the month, coinciding with the return of the planets Jupiter and Saturn to the evening sky. The nights will be shorter for those living in the southern hemisphere during this period and the floor gets warmer as the winter comes to an end.

Abu Zahra said that during the period from September 22 until December 21, the arc of the sun’s daily apparent path across the sky in the northern hemisphere will gradually decrease as daylight hours shorten. At the same time, the sun’s daily journey across the sky will become higher and higher in the southern hemisphere as daylight hours increase.

He said that the moon will become a full moon on September 29 and will be the harvest moon because it occurs within ten days of the autumnal equinox


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