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    It is not permitted to buy, sell or transfer ownership of unnumbered camels


    Sep 11, 2023

    Okaz/Saudi Gazette

    JEDDAH — The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture called on camel owners in the Kingdom to take advantage of the online service of numbering their camels in order to preserve their rights as well as to benefit from the services provided by it.

    The ministry emphasized that it is not allowed to trade in the sale, purchase or transfer of ownership of unnumbered camels. The ministry has launched the electronic service of numbering of camels and the beneficiary can transfer ownership only after numbering it.

    The ministry warned that punitive measures will be taken against those owners who fail to comply with the regulations with regard to numbering their camels. The penalties include fines and cancelling of online services to the owners.

    The ministry introduced the online numbering system as part of setting up a database for camels to facilitate the procedures for selling and transferring ownership, in addition to providing accurate data on the numbers, types, genders, and geographical distribution of camels.

    It also enables owners to obtain services provided by the ministry and to contribute to combating epidemics and diseases if they occur, in addition to the economic, biological and environmental benefits, as well as to contribute to consolidating camel breeds in the Kingdom.

    The ministry emphasized that not numbering camels and not transferring their ownership is a violation punishable by the law, and letting camels loose for grazing may cause fatal accidents, which exposes their owners to penalties while selling them and not transferring their ownership.

    Camel owners, who wish to number their camels can submit a numbering request electronically by visiting the portal Naama via the link (https://naama.sa) or by calling the unified number (939) to respond to inquiries.

    The ministry indicated that numbering camels contributes to building a comprehensive vision for camels in Saudi Arabia, which enables the ministry to implement plans to improve animal production and monitor epidemic animal diseases, and helps owners to officially document their livestock in the ministry’s records, and helps control stray camels, as well as bring down accidents, loss of life, and property damage on highways.

    It is noteworthy that the implementation of the camel numbering project begins with issuing a serial number for each camel, which is registered in the ministry’s database and linked to an electronic chip placed in the neck. The information linked to the chip can be read by a device prepared for the purpose of knowing its owner’s data, veterinary record, and other information

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