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    India’s OInly River That Flows Upside Down, You Will Be Surprised To Know The Scientific Reason


    May 6, 2023
    India’s OInly River That Flows Upside Down, You Will Be Surprised To Know The Scientific Reason


    Rivers in India are not only considered very sacred but are also given the status of a mother. In the texts, the story of the origin of rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Saryu etc. and interesting stories related to the rivers have been described. Today we are going to tell you one such story related to Narmada river. You will be surprised to know the facts related to Narmada river.

    Tell that Narmada river is the only river in India which flows in the opposite direction. All other rivers flow in a straight direction but why does Narmada flow in the west. Let us know the scientific reason behind this.

    Where does Narmada river flow first

    The Narmada River flows opposite to its current from east to west and falls into the Arabian Sea. The Narmada River is the main river of the two big states of India, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The Narmada River flows 1,312 kilometers westward from its source and joins the Gulf of Khambhat in the Arabian Sea. Prior to this, the Narmada river drains 95,726 square kilometers of water from the region of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra in its 1312 kilometer long route.

    Why does the Narmada river flow backwards?

    Rift Valley is one of the main reasons behind Narmada River flowing against the current. Rift valley means the direction in which the river flows, its slope is in the opposite direction. Due to this slope, the flow of Narmada river is from east to west. This river originates from the peak of Amarkantak of Maikhal mountain.

    You will be surprised to know the religious reason

    Narmada and Shon Bhadra were about to get married. Just before sitting in the marriage hall, Narmada came to know that Shona Bhadra is more interested in her maid Juhila (this tribal river flows near Mandla). Narmada of the prestigious clan could not tolerate this insult at all and left the pavilion and went in the opposite direction. When Shonabhadra realized his mistake, he also ran after Narmada pleading Narmada to return. But Narmada did not want to return, so she did not return and Narmada remained a virgin.


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