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Increasing numbers of gazelles highlight success Saudi wildlife initiative


Sep 7, 2023


RAFHA – The Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Natural Reserve Development Authority has clarified that rhim gazelles, also known as Arabian sand gazelles, that appeared in a viral video on social media recently were gazelles released by the authority in the area in 2021 along with oryxes and red neck ostriches, adding that it also released more gazelles in May as part of efforts to resettle rare species in their indigenous habitats.

The authority noted that it had monitored increasing numbers of gazelles in several locations within the reserve, which is a positive indication of the success of the Saudi wildlife initiative to protect the rare species by increasing their numbers in natural habitats, the promotion of biodiversity and the restoration of environmental balance in the reserve. It was part of the national program for the release and resettlement of wild animals in national reserves and parks.

The authority valued community awareness, commitment and effective cooperation to ensure a safe environment for wild animals, free from abuse and poaching. It noted that conservation and protection of rare and endangered species is one of the fundamental pillars of the work and strategic objectives of royal reserves and their aspiration to restore coexistence and natural harmony between urban growth and economic activities, on the one hand, and the protection of nature and the care of wild animals, on the other.

The authority also aspires to contribute to effectively developing environmental awareness and care to protect nature to achieve the reserve’s goal of being a destination for ecotourism as per the best international standards. — SPA


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