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    Heritage Commission announces archaeological discoveries at Al-‘Abla site


    Aug 26, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — The Saudi Heritage Commission announced the latest discoveries at the Al-’Abla archaeological site in the Asir region, which is considered as one of the most important ancient mining sites in the south of the Kingdom.

    These discoveries came during the seventh season of the scientific mission of the archaeological excavation project, which is an extension of what was revealed in the previous six seasons that highlighted the importance of the site located in Bisha Governorate, Asir region.

    The archaeological discoveries at the Al-’Abla archaeological site included several things, such as architectural features that comprise residential and industrial units, which some of its walls and floors are distinguished by being coated with gypsum.

    The scientific team has also discovered a water reservoir under some architectural units at the site, which was used for rainwater retention.

    This technique relies on building roofs in a way that allows rainwater to be conveyed through gypsum-lined channels, or through pottery channels to reach the reservoirs below the rooms to benefit from them when needed.

    Oval-shaped water basins that are coated from the inside with an insulating material that allows water to be saved and used were discovered too, in addition to a number of pottery stoves.

    The team has found a large number of stone tools, such as hammerstones, grinders, in addition to querns in different sizes and forms.

    Pottery shards such as pieces of bodies, rims, handles of vessels made of pottery and steatite were also among the discoveries.

    The most prominent archaeological finds at the site were glass vials, metal pieces, parts of oxidized bronze vessels, rings, beads made of ivory, in addition to precious stones.

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