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    Here’s why Adam Zampa was denied a run-out even though batsman was out of crease at non-strikers end – Watch


    Jan 3, 2023

    Adam Zampa attempted to run out Tom Rogers at the non-end striker’s in the most recent BBL 12 game between the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades at the MCG on Tuesday night, which led to a significant dispute. The event took place in Zampa’s final over of the Renegades’ innings. Before Zampa bowled the delivery, Tom Rogers had backed up too far in an attempt to get a head start in case of a rapid run. He was subsequently run out by the bowler and challenged the decision.

    Zampa received looks from the batter and the on-field umpire as though he were giving a warning or making an appeal. The umpire turned to the TV umpire when Zampa indicated that he was claiming the wicket. Fans in the grandstand appeared confused and boos could be heard at the MCG.

    Shawn Craig, the TV umpire, informed Gerard Abood, the standing umpire, that Zampa had finished his action before running Rogers out after watching several replays. It was determined that the batter was not out because the bowler’s arm had “gone past the vertical,” or too far into his bowling motion.

    What exactly is the law?

    MCC Law 41.16.1 states: “If the non-striker is out of his/her ground at any time from the moment the ball comes into play until the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the non- The striker is liable to be run out. In these circumstances, the non-striker will be out run out if he/she is out of his/her ground when his/her wicket is put down by the bowler throwing the ball at the stumps or by the bowler’s hand holding the ball, whether or not the ball is subsequently delivered.


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