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    Gulf states to implement Unified Gulf Tourist Visa and electronic linking of traffic violations


    Nov 9, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    MUSCAT — The 40th session of the interior ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states discussed a number of important security issues that would enhance joint security work, most notably the implementation of the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa and electronic linking of traffic violations.

    The meeting, held in Muscat on Wednesday, decided to implement the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa project according to a specific timetable, as well as to launch the first phase of a project to link traffic violations electronically between the GCC countries. The ministers also discussed the move to prepare a Comprehensive Gulf Strategy to Combat Drugs, and launch security awareness campaigns.

    GCC Secretary General Jasem Albudaiwi stated that the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa project is a new accomplishment added to the remarkable achievements of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in light of the sound directives of the Gulf leaders.

    He said that the GCC countries have become, under the leadership of their leaders, exemplary in terms of the progress and prosperity they have accomplished at all levels, as well as the regional and international status they have reached in terms of development, especially the development of the GCC citizens. “Making these accomplishments by the GCC countries and continuing to achieve one success after another requires securing a high level of national security, and ensuring monitoring and deterrence of everything that may hinder this march that the GCC countries have achieved in record time,” he said.

    Albudaiwi said that the increasing danger of the scourge of drugs, which has become worrying for society at all levels, requires everyone to work hand in hand to confront its spread among the youth in the Gulf countries according to a unified strategy that addresses all fronts — prevention, control and treatment.

    He also hailed the multiple national campaigns undertaken by the GCC countries, in addition to the great efforts made by security personnel in combating drugs in the GCC states. “The efforts of the security personnel stem from their sense of responsibility towards their role in protecting their homelands from the danger of this scourge that targets our youth and communities,” he added.

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