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    Gorakhpur: Former soldier of Nepal arrested with cartridges, sent to jail, intelligence agencies also interrogated


    Sep 9, 2023

    Gorakhpur airport
    – Photo: Amar Ujala


    Former Nepalese soldier Krishna Paudal, who was arrested with three cartridges of INSAS rifle during checking at Gorakhpur airport, was sent to jail on Friday. On the complaint of security officer Rahul Singh, the police registered a case under the Arms Act and presented the accused in the court on Friday, from where he was sent to jail. Even before this, cartridges have been found in the bag during security check at the airport. During interrogation, the accused said that he had no information about the cartridge.

    According to the information, the accused Krishna Paudal is a resident of Rambha village, municipality ward number three of Nepal. He has also been an army soldier. The accused had to go to Bangalore via Hyderabad. According to the information, IndiGo’s 180-seat Boeing aircraft flies from Gorakhpur to Hyderabad daily at 1:50 pm. After stopping for an hour in Hyderabad, it leaves for Bangalore. Krishna Paudal had to go to Bangalore by this flight.

    Krishna Paudal reached Gorakhpur at 12.30 pm on Thursday afternoon. During checking, three cartridges of INSAS rifle (5.56) bore were found from his bag. Indigo officials informed the airport director along with the security personnel. Krishna Poodle was stopped near the checking counter. After hours of interrogation, he was handed over to AIIMS police station. On the complaint of Indigo security officer Rahul Singh, AIIMS police station has registered a case under Arms Act against Paudal.

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