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    Goodbye old tiger ‘Umarpani’, 32 workers along with two elephants could not rescue, Video Viral of Balaghat


    Jun 4, 2023
    Goodbye old tiger ‘Umarpani’, 32 workers along with two elephants could not rescue, Video Viral of Balaghat

    Old tiger: Another tiger died in Madhya Pradesh, which is famous as the Tiger State. A tiger named ‘Umarpani’ who was passing through the last phase of his life was injured. Whose rescue was also attempted.


    Old tiger:
    The male tiger ‘Umarpani’, who has been increasing the glory of Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park for many years, will no longer be seen. This tiger, who was passing through the last stage of his age, died in an injured state. The park management made all efforts to rescue but the tiger could not survive.

    The tiger was spotted by villagers near a drain in Baihar Kohka village of Balaghat district bordering Kanha National Park. Some people made a video of it and made it viral on social media. This news reached the park management, then the team left to rescue the tiger.

    The tiger seen in the video has been identified as ‘T-30 Umarpani’. When a team of 32 employees along with two elephants reached to rescue the tiger, it was found that the tiger was injured. SK Singh, field director of Kanha Park, said that there were injury marks on the tiger’s body.

    The age of the tiger was about 13-14 years, so it was not found appropriate to make him unconscious with dot gun. Waited for the tiger to come upstream on its own so that it could be captured. It was also seen in the video that the tiger was not even able to walk properly.

    Later in the late evening the male tiger breathed its last. When his body was recovered, serious injury marks were found on his eyes, abdomen and legs. SK Singh says that due to the kind of injury in the dead tiger’s body, there is a possibility of an animal attack.

    The real reason will be known only after the PM report comes. On the other hand, wildlife doctor Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal gave a statement that Umarpani was in old age. Because of this he had become very weak. The kind of his condition before his death is seen in the video. It appears that he was also hungry and reached the drain in search of some prey. Then got stuck in it.

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