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    Founding Day puts the nation’s history on the right track.


    Feb 22, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    JEDDAH — The announcement of the Founding Day placed the historical path of the Saudi state within its desired framework, and corrected the announced date of its foundation.

    The announcement of the Founding Day came to confirm the historical depth of the Saudi royal family, whose chain of rule dates back nearly 600 years, since the foundation of the city of Diriyah by Manie Al-Muraydi who is the 13th grandfather of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.

    The establishment and the change of the form of government from the city-state to the vast state happened during the reign of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, who assumed power in 1139 AH /1727 AD. He established a state based on Islam and the rational rule of the deeply rooted royal family and on continuous achievements for the benefit of the state and the citizens.

    The announcement of the Founding Day did not deviate from the framework that historians are familiar with, and that is represented by re-reading and analyzing historical events. It is a cognitive phenomenon that takes place all over the world, as it corrected the connection of many historians with the state’s assumption of power by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud.

    The Saudi Founding Day does not replace the Saudi National Day, which marks the occasion of the unification of the Kingdom that falls on Sept. 23 each year.

    The celebration of the Founding Day was announced to define the beginning of the history of the Saudi state, which began on the day the first Saudi state was founded, as it will be a new occasion to recall the historical depth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

    Feb. 22 was set as the date for the Founding Day because it was in the early period of the year 1139 AH that marked the beginning of the era of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in the middle of that year, corresponding to the date Jamad Al-Thani 30 , 1139 AH.

    Correction in historical facts

    The Kings of Saudi Arabia have always emphasized that the state’s principles were based on the correct Islamic religion and monotheism. Within a short period of time after the establishment of the Saudi state, it supported and protected the reformist call. The state also emphasized a lot of interest in education, economy, security, unity and science.

    It is understood that the announcement of the Founding Day has set an accurate political date for the establishment of the state, which is the assumption of power by Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in Diriyah. The basic law of that state stipulated that the Kingdom is an Arab Islamic state whose religion is Islam and its constitution is the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger (peace be upon him).


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