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    First flight of research aircraft for cloud seeding program takes off


    Sep 9, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — The Regional Cloud Seeding Program launched the first flight of the aircraft dedicated for research, and studies of weather and climate.

    It took off from Rabigh in a research study on Al-Baha and Asir, southern Saudi Arabia.

    The research aircraft aims to collect weather data from different altitudes. It is equipped with the latest modern technologies in the field, such as specialized sensors to measure atmospheric elements.

    Among the goals it also seeks to raise the level of coverage and efficiency of cloud seeding operations.

    This is in addition to building internal capabilities, business sustainability, transfer and localization of knowledge, as well as reducing costs associated with operating aircrafts.

    The Executive Director of the Regional Cloud Seeding Program Ayman Bar said the that the aircraft is concerned with the research field, and are working to collect weather data for several matters, such as temperatures, wind speed.

    This is in addition to measuring the distribution of water particles that make up the cloud, which are used for scientific research before and after cloud seeding operations.

    He noted that the research data collected by the aircraft is subject to analysis by the program’s scientific team, in order to understand the characteristics of the region’s clouds, and the optimal methods for the process of seeding these types of clouds.

    This is in addition to raising the quality and efficiency of cloud seeding operations, as well as increasing the percentage of rainfall.

    It is worth mentioning that the research aircraft is part of a group of aircraft belonging to the Regional Cloud Seeding Program, which includes 4 aircrafts for cloud seeding operations, and an aircraft for research and studies.

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