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    Education Ministry to dispatch 136 teachers abroad for upcoming academic year


    Jul 11, 2024

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — The Ministry of Education issued a decision to dispatch 136 teachers to work abroad in various educational specialties starting from the upcoming academic year 1446/1447 AH.

    The selected teachers will work in Saudi academies and schools abroad, as well as participate in educational missions in 19 sisterly and friendly countries.

    Deputy Minister of Education Mohammad Al-Ghamdi stated that the annual teacher dispatch program reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to providing educational opportunities for the children of delegates, workers, and residents abroad. He also emphasized the Kingdom’s dedication to extending education opportunities to the children of Islamic and Arab communities residing in those countries.

    Al-Ghamdi highlighted the widespread trust and respect that the Saudi curriculum enjoys due to its scientific strength and balanced approach.

    He expressed his hope that the selected teachers, under this program, would serve as excellent representatives of the Kingdom in the countries they have been assigned.

    He encouraged them to contribute their exceptional expertise by sharing experiences and applying their professional and educational skills.

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