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    D.Buzz a Decentralized Alternative to Social Media Built on Hive Blockchain


    Feb 24, 2023

    D. Buzz is a micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter that allows users to create accounts, join a community and conversations, and post their own content to the Hive Blockchain. The creation of D.Buzz as a microblogging platform was already three years in the making from the Steem community to the Hive community.

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    According to Chris Rice (@chrisrice) and his co-founder Nathan Seen (@nathansenn), D.Buzz’s mission is to promote freedom of speech and the rights to users, with a little help from blockchain technology.

    D.Buzz featured a censorship resistant technology, with such freedom and resistance from big tech giants, D.Buzz users or what we called as Buzzers could witness that with D.Buzz censorship resistance is king and users are always in control.

    The creation of D.Buzz was made possible after the founders, from DataLoft LLC, Chris Rice and Nathan Seen realized that advanced content delivery algorithms used by big social media companies have drawn a razor-thin line between these companies are defined as platforms or publishers , these two terms alone carry unique legal implications.

    In a video uploaded by Market Square they explained the difference between platforms and publishers. Market Square stated that big social media appears to be presenting themselves as platforms, public forums, which in turns they were protected from certain liabilities under the US Communications Decency Act.

    However, these platforms are also engaging in what is known as “Algorithmic Censorship,” a practice that would technically classify them as publishers, disqualifying them from CDA protections.

    In the opinion presented by Market Square, it appears that these big social media companies allegedly appear that they want to trick you into thinking you have a fair and equal voice while simultaneously subjecting you to algorithms governed by their views and agendas.

    D. Buzz the company under Dataloft LLC and co-founded by Nathan Senn and Chris Rice, is indeed different. They are creating a censorship-resistant platform powered by the Hive Blockchain.

    The introduction of D.Buzz as a Twitter or other social media alternative is great for users because they get freedom of speech in regards to what they do, as they truly own their content, and they get improved content curation.

    According to Chris Rice, co-founder of D.Buzz, who lived in Davao City, Philippines, one of their plans is not to implement ads on their platform unless necessary.

    The micro-blogging platform D. Buzz was founded in 2019 by Nathan Senn from Dataloft LLC and Chris Rice the creator of ShelterListing.org. Dataloft’s mission is to build and deliver the next generation of the internet (Web3), with verifiably trustworthy and secure solutions that make transacting online trustless.

    Dataloft team is comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. With passion for all things digital, the team produces and champions new technology for the next generation of Internet, software and robotic users.

    Dataloft is headed by Nathaniel (Nathan) Senn as Chief Operating Officer, and Paul Jones Entrepreneur.

    Watch the Video Presentation from MarketSquare:

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