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    Cristiano Ronaldo praises Lionel Messi and Saudi Arabian Football


    Sep 7, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    LISBON — Global football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national team, has emphasized that there is no reason for his fans to harbor any animosity towards Argentine star Lionel Messi.

    Ronaldo noted that both players have left an indelible mark on the history of football.

    Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday ahead of the commencement of Portugal’s national team training during the first international break of the season, Ronaldo said: “If you love Cristiano, there’s no need to hate Messi.

    “Both of them have changed the course of football history and deserve respect. The competition between them is over. Both are doing well in Saudi Arabia and the American league.”

    Addressing the rivalry between himself and the captain of the Argentine national team, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo commented: “I don’t see things that way.

    “We shared the stage for 15 years. I won’t say we’re friends, but we respect each other. The competition with Messi was good, and the fans loved it.”

    Ronaldo, who currently leads the scoring charts in the Saudi Arabian Pro League after five rounds of matches, also discussed the Saudi league.

    He stated: “The Saudi league is surpassing the Portuguese league; it’s better. There are more top players in Saudi Arabia.”

    The Al-Nassr team captain continued: “It’s become normal to play in the Saudi league for me, as a player with Al-Nassr. I knew this would happen.

    “For me, it’s a great honor to change the culture, not just in football but also to have great players going there. It makes me very happy and proud.”

    Ronaldo concluded his remarks by saying: “Why not give them (Saudi Arabia) the opportunity? I was a pioneer in that, and I’m proud. But what I want most is for Saudi Arabia to continue to progress in the coming years.”

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