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Council backs call to stop vegetable smuggling


Sep 26, 2022

BAGUIO CITY: City officials have supported the call of Bishop Victor Bendico of the Diocese of Baguio to stop the smuggling of vegetables that is hurting local farmers in the Cordillera Administrative Region, especially in the vegetable producing province of Benguet and some parts of Mountain Province and Ifugao.

Under Resolution 424-22, local legislators conformed to Bendico’s arguments that smuggled vegetables greatly hurt the local farming industry, thus, concerned agencies and local governments must take appropriate actions to curb the said problem.

Earlier, Bendico sounded the clarion call to maintain the vibrancy and sustenance of vegetable trading in the locality. The council also concurred on Bendico’s opinion that the region’s agricultural environment will always be at the losing end when smuggled vegetables, at a cheaper price, flood the market.

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“Vegetable smuggling devastates our socioeconomic atmosphere greatly based on the vegetable industry. Also, smuggling divides our people. Hence, we must protect our farmers and promote our local vegetable production,” Bendico said.

The bishop’s pastoral letter was read in all the churches within the jurisdiction of Baguio and Benguet several weeks ago.

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