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    CMA chairman says financial sector conference seeks to contribute to its growth


    Feb 17, 2023

    RIYADH — The Capital Market Authority (CMA) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mohammed Bin Abdullah El-Kuwaiz, announced that the Financial Sector Conference (FSC) aims to achieve correlation and integration within the financial sector system and its various methods and instruments.

    He added it also seeks to contribute to the continuous growth within the framework of sound and strong financial stability, and develop innovative instruments to develop and manage services.

    The conference is one of the premier events for the financial sector in the Middle East. For institutions, policy makers, financiers, and beneficiaries, it highlights the competitive position of the Saudi financial sector in the Middle East and in the world, El-Kuwaiz noted.

    The chairman reported that holding FSC at this time boosts its importance as the sector decision-makers and the capital institutions’ senior executives meet around one table to share ideas and reach solutions to challenges the global economy faces.

    The 2nd edition of the conference, FSC 2023, organized by the Financial Sector Development Program partners (Ministry of Finance, Saudi Central Bank, and Capital Market Authority), will be held March 15-16 at the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center.

    The FSC 2023 will feature more than 60 panel discussions and focus workshops, with more than 150 entities and decision-makers in the financial sector; senior executives in local, regional, and international financial institutions; and international investors, entrepreneurs, and prominent academics.

    FSC will discuss four main topics, “Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities,” “Capital Institutions in the New Financial Status,” “Safe Investment for Tomorrow,” and “Future of the Financial Sector in Light of Digitization”.

    The conference will be the window through which many promising investment opportunities are provided through Saudi Vision 2030, especially Financial Sector Development Program initiatives that are in line with its pillars, based on enabling financial institutions to support private sector growth, developing an advanced capital market, promoting and enabling financial planning to support all society groups, and supporting the Fin-Tech strategy.

    With the participation of experts in local and international financial institutions, FSC will cover critical topics, including: strategic options for the financial sector.

    The topics will be in the backdrop of the global economic situation; roles expected to be played by the financial sector in light of current changes; new opportunities in Insurance; foreign direct investment into the Saudi financial sector; future of digital payments; SMEs funding; the role of venture capital in funding innovation for economic growth; and alternative private-sector funding in a high-interest-rate environment.

    Experts and other interested parties can attend the FSC events, forums, and sessions to make the best use of the more than three thousand decision-makers in the financial sector at the local and international level discussing new challenges by registering at: https://registration.fsc.sa/,


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