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    Civil Defense warns of caution amid heavy rain forecast in most Saudi regions until Thursday


    May 21, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH— The General Directorate of Civil Defense called on the public to take utmost caution and vigil against thunderstorms that are likely to hit most regions of the Kingdom, starting from Sunday until Thursday.

    The directorate stated that the Makkah region will be affected by moderate to heavy rains that may lead to torrential rains, hail, and brisk winds that raise dust, and these include Taif, Maysan, Adham, Al-Khurma, Al-Ardiyat, Turbah, Rania, and Al-Mawiyah. The regions of Asir, Al-Baha, Jazan, and Najran will also be affected.

    According to the forecast, moderate rains and sand storms will hit the Riyadh region and these cover the governorates and towns in the region, such as the capital city, Diriyah, Al-Majma’ah, Al-Zulfi, Al-Ghat, Ramah, Thadiq, Shaqra, Afif, Al-Dawadmi, Al-Quwaiyah, Al-Muzahimiya, Dhurma, Huraymila, Al-Aflaj, Wadi Al-Dawasir, Al-Sulail, Al-Kharj, Hotat Bani Tamim, Al-Hariq, Al-Bajadia and Al-Dalam.

    The Eastern Province and Al-Qassim regions will also be affected by similar weather conditions. Light to moderate thunderstorms and active downward winds, causing dust, are expected in the regions of Tabuk, Al-Jouf, the Northern Borders, Madinah and Hail.

    The directorate urged the public to stay in safe places during the rain, and to stay away from the places where torrents gather, including water swamps and valleys. It is cautioned not to swim in water pools as they are unsuitable and dangerous places.

    The directorate underlined the need to adhere to the instructions announced by it through various media outlets and social networking sites.

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