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    Castro optimistic about Al-Nassr’s performance, dismisses rumors


    Aug 30, 2023

    Saudi Gazette report

    RIYADH — In a press conference that spanned approximately 35 minutes, Al-Nassr’s Portuguese coach Luis Castro conveyed his satisfaction with the team’s commanding performance against Al-Shabab, asserting that their 100% deserved victory reflected in their complete domination of the game.

    Castro underscored the team’s remarkable progress from one match to the next, while also acknowledging the palpable confidence, attendance, and engagement of the devoted fans.

    Emphasizing his primary objective, Castro said: “My foremost aim is to bring joy to everyone, and I’m elated to work with this exceptional global collective. Although we haven’t achieved the level of harmony we aspire to, our continuous development is evident.”

    On the topic of a disallowed goal, he posed the question: “Why did the referee negate Cristiano’s goal today? In the Saudi league, I’ve witnessed comparable instances where the push was even more robust than what we observed today, yet the goal was validated… Although I won’t reference the specific match, it was witnessed by all.”

    Clarifying his stance, he stated that player selection for the national team and related matters do not concern him; he prioritizes a player’s performance during training.

    Addressing pivotal team decisions, Castro affirmed, “Abdulilah Al-Amri’s absence is due to my decision… and all such decisions fall under my purview.”

    Regarding the swirl of rumors encircling Al-Nassr, he raised the question: “Why do speculations circulate about Al-Nassr?”

    Castro emphatically confirmed the player’s steadfast commitment to the team, asserting, “Has there ever been a moment when I discussed Talisca’s departure?… Talisca is remaining, and I retain the exclusive authority to decide.”

    He conveyed contentment with the current roster at Al-Nassr, adding that if the club’s best interests necessitate change, he will not hesitate to take the requisite actions.

    In summation, Castro commended Konan for his adeptness in defense and acknowledged Alex Telles’s offensive prowess, particularly during set pieces. He disclosed his intention to finalize, in the forthcoming days, the team’s composition, adding that the decisions will always be aligned with the optimal interests of Al-Nassr.

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