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    Canada Vs China: Increased dispute between Canada and China, Canadian Consulate asked to leave the country


    May 9, 2023
    Canada Vs China: Increased dispute between Canada and China, Canadian Consulate asked to leave the country

    The statement issued by China warned that “China will retaliate firmly.” After which China has asked the official of the Shanghai Consulate General of Canada to leave the country.

    China expelling Canada’s consul in Shanghai: The dispute between China and Canada has increased considerably and China has retaliated on Canada’s attack.

    China said on Tuesday that it was expelling the Canadian consulate in Shanghai. China has taken this step when Canada blacklisted the Chinese diplomat in its country and expelled him from the country.

    Ottawa said it was sending a Chinese diplomat, Zhao Wei, back home. Zhao Wei has been accused of trying to intimidate a Canadian lawmaker critical of Beijing, after which Canada has asked Zhao Wei to return to his country.

    Increased dispute between Canada and China

    In an English statement published online, Beijing’s foreign ministry labeled Canadian diplomat Jennifer Lynn Lalonde as “persona non grata” and said that “China has the right to respond.” Lalonde has been asked to leave China by May 13.

    Referring to Ottawa’s decision to expel a Chinese diplomat in Toronto, the Chinese Foreign Ministry statement said, “China strongly condemns and resolutely opposes it and lodged a serious and firm protest with Canada.” has been done.”

    China’s statement said, that “as a reciprocal countermeasure in response to Canada’s dishonorable move, China has decided to declare Jennifer Lin Lalonde, Consul General of the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, as “persona non grata”. ”

    Persona non grata means that the envoy has been asked to go back home and if the envoy is not called back, a country may refuse to recognize him as an envoy.

    At the same time, according to AFP, neither the Canadian Foreign Ministry nor the Beijing or Shanghai consulates have responded to China’s response.

    Beijing’s move comes after Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said that Toronto-based Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei would have to leave the country. He said that foreign diplomats in Canada “have been warned that if they behave like this, they will be sent home”.

    The diplomats’ expulsion plunged the two countries into a fresh diplomatic spat after years of sour relations.

    Let us tell you that earlier this month, the Globe and Mail newspaper had reported that the Chinese diplomat had asked for information about a Canadian MP and his close relatives. The newspaper has said in its report that ‘China’s aim was to set an example by taking action against that MP, so that he could show what could be the result of opposing China’.

    The Canadian newspaper had cited Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), in its report. After which there was a lot of pressure on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take action against the Chinese diplomat.


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